what is Depression

Depression is a widespread and severe health problem that negatively affects how you look, how you think, and how you behave. Depression is a major depressive illness. It is also treatable, fortunately. Depression causes depression and loss of interest in things that have been loved before. The ability of a person to function at work and home is reduced and can cause a variety of emotional and physical problems.


1. Make a Timetable

Depression can change your life. You need to make a daily schedule to get back to normal. Make a regular schedule. Its give wings to fly away from problems.

2.Set  goals for every day 

You may feel that you can do nothing when you are depressed. That’s what makes you feel worse. To reverse, set yourself daily objectives.


  • Today i am doing something that i like most
  • Play games
  • Go a trip
  • Watch a movie..

Bla bla bla..


Exercise boosts endorphins chemical what human feel-good. It gives long term advantages which are suffering from depression. Regular activities convert our brain to think like positive.also practices give strength body and a new model. Go to the gym if you have free time.


There is no miracle diet that fixes depression situation. If depression addict to make you overeat, you should control your foods.

Foods that make you happy-

tomatoes,asparagus,chia eeds,coconut,swiss avacado,walnuts,grapefruits,Raw cacao,spinach

Foods that make you depressed-

cake, fast-food burger, cotton candy, french fries, Hard liqueur, coca-cola



Depression makes you too hard to get enough, shut your eyes, and also little sleep can make depression worse. How to face it? You have to change your lifestyle.you should go to bed every day and wake up every day. force your mind out of bedroom.no mobile phones, computers in sleep time you can get better sleep.

6. Take responsibilities

When you are depressed, you think to pull back from life and give up everything.they arent give conqueror to you.so get out from that and take responsibilities

7.Think positive

When you’re feeling afraid about yourself, use the( logic )as a normal depression treatment. You maybe feel like no one likes you, but is that true? Evidence for that? You maybe feel like the most worthless person on the planet, but is that likely? Actually, It takes practice, but in time you can beat back those negative thoughts before they get out of control.

8. Do something new

When you are depressed, you think you are loser you can’t do anything. Stop that bullshits. Force your mind to the new thing and make a new thing. Work hard. Never give up.

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