A little story Of addiction


He was blocked by miserably and had no idea how to get from his misery. Jenny was looking for my help. He had encountered moments of great happiness and peace in his life, but those experiences were rare. He wanted more moments, but he didn’t know how to get them.

He’s a brilliant man, but in some respects, he used against himself his intellect. The concern was that when Jenny had the brief, real moments, he immediately thought about what was going on. As soon as he came to mind, he lost the connection he wanted so desperately.

Focus this

The reason Jenny came to mind was that he wanted something even more than the joy of deep spiritual connection-control over it. Jenny’s damaged ego felt he would control the Spirit bond in his brain-he could manage it if only he could find it out. The last thing that Jenny wanted to do is to surrender his thinking, which is necessary to connect with Spirit. Jenny was profoundly fond of thinking as a way not to experience his inner life. The thought was to control your painful feelings like your solitude, your solitude and your helplessness over other persons and your spiritual connection.

Many of us think devotedly. They assume they can control others and the outcomes if we can just figure things out. We want to control how people feel about us and interact with us with the right thing-so we must talk about it to figure out the right thing to say. This is called “ruminating.” In the expectation of the “right” response, what to tell, the right way to have power over others and the result of the stuff, ruminating worries obsessively about something over and over. It is also a way to control our painful feelings, all of which is a dependency.

Throughout my consultation with jenny, he went to his head and examined the little emotions that happened in the meeting. I would take him back and forth into his feelings from his head and body. Over and over. He had such frightening thoughts that only a few moments before he returned to the head would he continue with his emotions-explanation, figuration, and intellectualisation. He was so fearful of the soul’s loneliness and isolation that he believed that he had trained in his heart to stop those emotions. But he couldn’t stay out of his head until jenny had been prepared to feel the painful feelings he had had since childhood. So long, so he sought instead of healing from it, to control his suffering, he did not go into the spiritual relationship he so wanted.

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