Long-distance Relationship

There are two types of relationships have. First one is near relationship and the second one is a long-distance relationship. What kind of relationship do you want? Huh…Some people like to close relationships; some are like too long-distance relationships. Any way you can get any links, but you want to give a try. Without trying for something you can’t get anything. Anyway, today im going to show you the best social media to find long-distance relationships.



Facebook is the best and most powerful social media in the world. Today there are 2.45 Billion users use facebook. Tho why not give a try.You know (45%) 11,025,000,000female users use facebook.I think you not believe. (55%).1,347,500,000 number of male users use facebook right now. So why are you afraid? Huh…aww, i think now you want to try facebook..ya sure you should try Facebook

  • If you want to find a girlfriend or boyfriend from a specific country you want to add friends from that country, then facebook algorithm work for you. Then you can see friends what you expect state. Add then and say hi..haha
  • Try to add someone  from facebook comments
  • Join to the different countries, facebook groups.


2. KiK

Kik is also like facebook messenger. But this social media. Many of Kik users are all over the world. But this has some particular reason. Most of Kik users do not use facebook or another social media. Most of are Europe peoples.  I can say this like dating app.haha.

  • After register to the kik, try public groups and start new chat of luck guys.



Instagram also like to facebook. This is also the most popular social media.there are 1 billion active users use in can try this like Facebook.

Instagram has the right audience .you can add friends and say hi to them..

Follow peoples and chill guys.

4.We Chat


WeChatis a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app develop by Tencent company.  China government banned facebook on china. So there are most of the china peoples use we chat.out of china we chat is get banned if we do unusual activities. So more carefully.

Join groups and give a try

Shake the phone and find someone from random

Comment tho.



Most of the people don’t know what is qq.QQ is also china chat app.out of china most of the chance have cant make accounts .i don’t know why they restrict other countries. But this is the truth.  If u can create QQ account, u have 75% chance to get china partner….

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