Birth Control

birth control pill

Some men and women had been unable to debate sex or birth control for many years. Since culture is now becoming more egalitarian, people have become more open-minded when it comes to gender. Indeed there are nearly everywhere topics, concerns and controversies about sex — magazines, newspapers, books, the internet, radio, and even on television.

One of the best-known issues about gender is birth control and contraception. These are equipment, measures and medicines designed to prevent or reduce pregnancy. Methods of birth control can be different in physical and compartmental forms. The gate, chemical, intrauterine and sterilisation treatments are included in external forms of contraception. Conduct forms of birth control, on the other hand, include lactation, abstinence and consciousness of fertility.

Nevertheless, many women prefer to use a hormonal birth control pill. Two types of oral contraceptive pill are generally found on the market today for females. They contain progesterone and oestrol, together with the progesterone pill containing only progesterone. These are the combined oral antibiotics.

For various reasons, women use birth control pills, apart from the main aim of prevention. Some use it to reduce menstrual cramps, while others use it to make the menstrual flow easier. The use of birth control pills, however, requires a gynaecologist to prescribe properly.

birth control pill

When taking birth control pills, women are the ones to remember

1. Request a birth control pill for your gynaecologist.

There are actually some very expensive birth control pills on the market. This allows a Gynécologist to be consulted first before any kind of oral contraceptive is purchased. Doctors know which form of birth control pill is appropriate and which budgets are specified for their patients. In the prescribed oral contraceptive by a gynaecologist, unexpected side effects may be avoided.

2. Monitor your birth control pill intake carefully.

On the intake of birth control pills, it is quite easy to get off course. If a woman missed pills one day, the whole monthly process could be messed up. Note that even if you resume taking the medication, menstruation won’t start. Therefore, tracking the intake of the birth control pill is very important.

3. Ask for a drug that gives good benefits to birth control.

Today some birth control pills give the body good results. Some formulas help smooth skin of women in certain oral contraceptives. There are also birth control pills to help users raise the weight, so that those who want to add a few pounds can gain body weight.

Other advantages are reduced risk of ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, anaemia and pelvic diseases by taking a birth control pill. However, several negative side consequences are serious coughing, headache, depression, blurred vision and abdominal pain. However, birth control pills are not unheard of.

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